Timm McGonegle Staff Photo
  • Bachelors degree in Marketing- Columbus State University
  • Masters degree in Sports Fitness Management- Troy University


Welcome, I'll start off by introducing myself.  I am from this area. My mother taught first grade here for over 20 years. My wife teaches second grade at South Smiths Station Elementary. We have two sons who attend Smiths as well (a 16 yr old and an 9 yr old). This will be my 8th year teaching business curriculum. I have much to share from my past experiences in the business world. I have experience in banking, management, the newspaper industry and even sales and transportation.

   I love pushing myself (along with my students) and constantly being challenged whether it's sports related(running a marathon or hiking on the Appalachian Trail), or playing and learning new music (guitar), and more less anything outdoor related from softball or tennis to hunting, fishing, water and snow skiing.